Monin Chai Tea Concentrate, 750 ml


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Monin Chai Tea Concentrate is made with natural green tea extract and exotic spices like ginger, cloves, anise and cardamom. Monin chai is much more concentrated that most other chais. You can mix 1 part concentrate with EIGHT parts milk or milk substitute. That’s a lot of Chai! Add a little of this or that to make it just perfect for your taste. Break out of the mold and spice up your life with Monin Chai tea concentrate. Warm it up in the winter or to help clear your sinuses, serve it over ice in the summer to cool you down and fill you up. The aroma of chai is like no other; rich and smooth, it is one of a kind! To get a bit creative, Chai recipe suggestions are listed on the back of the bottle. Keep Monin chai tea concentrate in the fridge and enjoy!

UPC 738337056574
Brand Monin

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